Do you ever look at the sky?

Now is an interesting time to do so, as, as I recently discovered, Saturn is in Sagittarius. The joys of this position include juxtaposition of freedom and limitation, meant to bring eventual clarity and longevity to the endeavors that mean most to you. It’s also a cosmic coming-of-age if you’re going through the Saturn Return, which occurs approximately every 27–29 years when Saturn returns to the sign it was in when you were born. This intensifies the experience, I would think, as you’re forced to look long and hard at what you really want, and if it is practical in everyday reality. Like the parent that holds an eager child back from running headlong into needless danger; society that restricts outspoken attitudes of anarchy; and karma that turns the wheel of fate in fairness, Saturn forces the free-spirited archer to aim precisely. An arrow is not an explosive, so accuracy is required for success. In this way, efficiency and minimal collateral damage are achieved. Or so goes the theory, anyway.

The exact house Saturn is in on your birth chart determines the arena of your life caught up in this seemingly opposing tug-of-war: in one sense, the area most important to you, which could end up being the foundation of a new or existing career, is also a place of frustration and sometimes confusion about the true nature of things, and reasons. The sky can be the limit, but getting there is the hard part. Interestingly, this dovetails nicely with the energies of ascension this year, where change and transformation seem inevitable. So much is being released everywhere, and consciousness is evolving at an unprecedented rate; it’s funny that when we say that this is an “exciting time to be alive,” we often overlook how challenging the actual process can be.

The other interesting thing is that we are in the midst, or soon to be, of a multi-planet retrograde. This means, among other things, a reversal of the usual energy of each planet; so if Mars represents action, then now might be a sluggish time. Put together, there is a synergistic effect: if you’re feeling limited, restricted and sluggish? Hmm, sort of brings out all the base emotions you might not usually express. Funnily though, natural instinct and obvious solution may not be the best moves at present. It may be you who is out of line. Isn’t that a hard one to swallow? Only it isn’t just you.

So, don’t draw your weapon just yet; keep that bridge intact—you might use it later; for now, hold off on the things that seem to need doing right away. Remember that fog begets clarity eventually.


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