Interlude Beneath the Starry Sky

Is there a fourth wall in blogging? Is tightly cogent, somewhat private, grammatically perfect writing best? Should you keep everything neat and tidy?

Probably not, during these changing times.

As you can probably tell by the longer title, this post is slightly different. In my Blogging 101 travels, I had the fortune of stopping by along the side of the road, where I encountered Marianne. Her posts bring out the loopy in me, and in the ensuing discussions, everyone’s head spins a bit. It’s fun. You just might like her everyday wisdom and humor, too.

When the ball lands in your court…hit it back!


4 responses to “Interlude Beneath the Starry Sky

  1. Your volley has been received. With pleasure of course. Perhaps the fourth wall is the fourth dimension, aka kinship with absolute strangers in the face-to-face construct? Guess it’s about bloody time I followed you eh Capital Q? Done.
    And pardon my delayed manners … thanks for the shoutout here. Maybe since we’ve both done it now we’ll find some other kindred souls out there. 🙂
    As always, you are delightful … Marianne

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