All the Way

When I first officially began this journey, I consulted a psychic unlike any I had ever seen up until that point. Sans the usual theatrical fanfare, dark ambience and cloak and hat, this woman was seemingly ordinary. Even the crystal ball didn’t require my touch, in order to “transmit energy.” By this time, I had frequented a few different places in the name of “entertainment” and the thrill of dancing with destiny in the dark of night, while the wind blew, chillingly. Some were free; others were cheap and still more were carnival folk. I didn’t take it seriously, and I didn’t necessarily believe anything that was said, beyond face value.

This time would be different.

For one thing, the woman claimed to work with the angelic realm: divinities and deities supposedly came through during the sessions. My immediate thought was that I could take her, if push came to shove, so I shrugged and agreed to the session.

Little did I know she would become one of my spiritual teachers; someone who pushed me to grow and develop in ways I didn’t even know possible.

I thought I had seen it all by then, and I coldly parsed everything through my logical mind, vaguely dismissing her quiet remark of, “You’ll be back.”

The joke’s on me now.

Among other things, she told me things of varying degrees of specificity that independently transpired over the next year.

The random collection of information all became relevant the further I went from the session. Seemingly casual remarks turned into nuggets of advice I would need later.

The notion of “seeds planted in verdant soil,” didn’t occur to me, at the time.

And when she tried to draw parallels between us, I cackled internally at the ludicrousness.

When she described cycles of growth, soul purpose and a changing world, I dismissed it, thinking all the world was contained within cutting edge physics.

But when the universe took everything from me, I finally decided to pursue a spiritual path.

“That’s how much convincing it took,” she smiled.

“It isn’t going to be easy. You’re just not that kind of person.”

“You’ll lose friends, but you’ll make new ones.”

And every time I thought I had given everything in the latest craze of spiritual development, she would say, “Congratulations. Now the next level.”

“It’s tough love.”

The universe loves us like a parent loves a child.

“Why don’t you tell your story?”

“Many people are going to be going through this, soon.”

I covered my light in as many elaborate lampshades as I could find, dialed down the intensity using one of those specific devices, and generally pretended that if I couldn’t see, then nobody could see me.

“Put your feelings into it.”

But chances are, if you’re here, you could use some of this knowledge.

That’s the way it works.

P.S. I deliberately chose the French version. My Canadian readers may find more significance in this song. Tell me if that’s the case. 😉




As spring turns to summer, and the energies of the Universe kick into higher gear, time is literally speeding up: where once it would take lifetimes for lessons to be learned and consciousness to shift, now these things happen within a matter of months. If winter was about saying goodbye to the old, and quietly, forlornly, grieving its loss; and spring the against-the-odds struggle to grow in a crack in the pavement, as plants do; then summer is likely the culmination of effort and more rapid success amid aggressive heat and more active conditions. But growing into yourself does not come without challenges, and as you find out who you are and what you stand for, in these evolving times, there will be those who disagree.

Change is never comfortable.

It also represents the release of karma usually in the form of unwarranted aggression, unexpected strife and blatant disagreement. There often comes a point, in any soulmate relationship, where the initial fondness and natural attraction gives way to deep hurt and old resentment. And while it is ultimately a gift to be able to work these deeper lessons out in the form of release, facing many at once can feel like whirling with the wind, a diamond under pressure. It brings forth the difference between the surface appearance of reality and deep truth, changing you in the process.

Higher levels mean seeing more.

There is also a greater responsibility involved in dispensing knowledge, choosing action and intending thought—what once passed for acceptable no longer does, because you know better. And while I have seen many a character struggle with morality on TV—most recently on Person of Interest, one of my favorite shows—in reality there is really only one path: becoming your best self.

The end goal is lofty, and in being granted the opportunity to fly through the levels, you see the subtle shifts in the nature of events. I found it interesting timing, that both in winter and in spring, the end of the season brought its final challenges, sort of culminating in a test to pass, so characteristic of the season. Did you lose something dear in February? Were you faced with an insurmountable obstacle in May? In facing these challenges, did you learn more about yourself and the world around you? Perhaps you didn’t realize until it became clear how far you’d come, through busyness and in haste. Summer brings with it the promise of new beginnings, hard-earned, and thoroughly deserved—time in the sun, so to speak. As you cherish that which is new and appropriate, remember that the hottest days come at the end of the season.

Be prepared to defend what you believe in.

But overall, this is success.

Smile when the sun shines on your face. You deserve it.



Walking through a mirrored maze of eternal sight, hands trembling, hurricane twirling, the eye of which in constant motion, casts aspersions toward infinity.
If but on a journey wild, thrice choose thine earnest heart through shadows cast upon the light.
My truth in your hand, trembles; control not the honest urge to be true.
In timeless beauty, a rainbow etched, upon the sky doth sketch beautiful, wild traces of your heart.
A moment and forever, eternity and now, live, ever, ever.
Through wild outreaches of flowing river, weave a tale of endless wonder.
Heart, soul and forever.
Twice thwarted; thrice stand, upon the beautiful foundation of your everlasting glory. Words I didn’t know within, drawn from a hand without.
Metric ever, and flowers blooming, grow for me a tree of straight and curly.
Stifled no longer, be the balance in-between void of light and wonder.
As ever, live this moment as if were last, but know forever.
Lines and stanzas, mere extensions of divine allegory in your beating heart.
Pen, your honest symphony.