Walking through a mirrored maze of eternal sight, hands trembling, hurricane twirling, the eye of which in constant motion, casts aspersions toward infinity.
If but on a journey wild, thrice choose thine earnest heart through shadows cast upon the light.
My truth in your hand, trembles; control not the honest urge to be true.
In timeless beauty, a rainbow etched, upon the sky doth sketch beautiful, wild traces of your heart.
A moment and forever, eternity and now, live, ever, ever.
Through wild outreaches of flowing river, weave a tale of endless wonder.
Heart, soul and forever.
Twice thwarted; thrice stand, upon the beautiful foundation of your everlasting glory. Words I didn’t know within, drawn from a hand without.
Metric ever, and flowers blooming, grow for me a tree of straight and curly.
Stifled no longer, be the balance in-between void of light and wonder.
As ever, live this moment as if were last, but know forever.
Lines and stanzas, mere extensions of divine allegory in your beating heart.
Pen, your honest symphony.



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