These Things I Like

Ever wondered why you have a particular affinity for things and places you’ve never been? It can be fascinating to find strong preferences and opinions about things that should be neutral for all intents and purposes. I knew I had a connection to places, languages and beliefs I have never been, more than my actual experiences, for instance. There was a natural fluidity to the way my tongue skimmed over the vowels and curved to the accent(s) in question. Quite apart from my penchant for languages, this felt natural, like it was “home” to me. I express my deepest sentiments and most vulnerable feelings—as well as my most eloquent phrasings!—in this language and accent. It was, or wasn’t, a surprise to learn that I’d had several past lives in the region, not that I’ve seen them as yet. Sometimes we get bits of our past during moments of deep peace, or spiritual connection, but other times it’s necessary to go to the location itself to unearth memories past. Interestingly, the last time I went, I had yet to be at a stage where such would have become available. Moments of deep trauma or intense feeling can also provoke such memories.

You don’t have to be clairvoyant to see bits of your past, under hypnosis, for instance, but the way and modality in which you sense extra sensory information is unique to you and your abilities. Some people smell a fragrance, others see vividly, while still others know or feel in their gut. Even two clairvoyants don’t “see” the same way, according to their experience and makeup.

This holds true for things we intensely dislike, as well. Often, strong dislikes of things without apparent reason or experience is due to past folly in that position. It’s almost a soul-deep loathing for what you once were and did, even when those experiences were necessary, and chosen, that often gets projected onto the repeating circumstances and people in your life. The situations you can’t run from, as it were. We can get stuck in karmic patterns for lifetimes, even, and this is actually more common than you might know. The way you tend to procrastinate; the grudges you hold; the places you go when upset; the sleight of hand with which deception is delivered. Anything that is a go-to pattern up to the point of addiction that keeps you mired in the exact situations you would extract yourself from, with different action. Patterns run deep, though, and many of us need “help” in making the necessary changes. It can even be traumatic to face up to the why and wherefore of something like that not working.



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