Oracle card reading

Intuitive reading using card spreads. Answers a specific question or provides general guidance for your highest good. Useful when you hit a fork in the road or are looking for reassurance. A yearly forecast is also available, and this is best when you want month-by-month detail about future direction in the coming year.

Spiritual counseling

Listens to your concerns with an open ear. If you ever feel too many strange and new things are happening at once; that established methods are no longer producing desired results; or that you just need someone to get you, no matter how different your experience has been, this might be for you. Similar to traditional counseling except covering a wider scope.

Energy healing

Channels angelic and celestial energy through the hands for balance, healing and overall well-being. Messages about your physical, mental and/or emotional health sometimes come through, too.

At present only available in person. Contact me for more detail.

Space clearing

Clears away energetic debris and elevates the vibration of a place so that inhabitants feel safe, and at peace. Helps to reduce location-based conflict, perpetual states of mind and feelings of helplessness relating to a specific location like an office, house or classroom. Also limits the amount of unwanted guests if you have frequent visitors.

Coming soon.


Contact departed loved ones, spirit guides and soul family on the astral plane. This can sometimes include unborn children, past life soulmates, aliens and even pets, depending on your soul origin and history. Please come with a specific deceased person you would like to contact, if possible. In instances where the person you seek is not available, other loving messages often come through.


Energy exchange: 50 USD / 30 minutes.

Sessions are conducted via Skype at a mutually agreed time. Payment is by PayPal.

Please use the contact form to send an e-mail explaining your question, concern or situation ahead of time; and include your Skype ID and time zone e.g. UTC−05:00 EST.

I will reply to clarify your request and upon receipt of payment, we’ll arrange a time.

Readings are available in English, and Japanese, upon request.

My style tends to be interactive, so feel free to ask questions during the reading.