Do you feel as if there’s a mild lull in energy now? Like the impossible struggles have been resolved as you eat ice cream by the sidewalk watching people go by. The Dog Days of summer are a brief respite of leisure before a new term begins. One of those rest periods where you finally get to take in the scenery and smell the roses. And, my, have you looked at how things have changed? The world almost looks different. What was once to be feared and avoided has become a place of safety and comfort; desperate measures thought the only way out were unnecessary as something much better unfolded right before your eyes—there all along, but for the taking. And in the dynamic balance of forward motion and progress, a new smoothness is crafted. After all, you don’t have to hang on, tooth and nail, to the cliff, if you can pull yourself over the top, right?

You see, anything that has the power to sink you, also has the power to make you.

Challenges come to show you your strength. And in their resolution, a layer falls away to be released and new opportunities arrive. All that you deserve, all that you ever wanted. At least until the next cycle. And boy, are they speeding up. How else would you lift the frequency of a planet and its inhabitants?

Every deluge of negativity holds within it the seeds of new positive change.

It is a skill to remain poised and believing through it all, and part of that is learning to love and let go, grow and accept, receive and give, and move and stay true.

You learn your true value when it seems there is no place for you.

And in the ensuing upheaval, as white becomes black and faith turns to doubt, you can find a pinprick of light within darkness. With that, everything can be inverted. Like turning a garment inside out, things can be seen in a new light. All opposites can be resolved. As mindset changes, so too does reality around it.

More immediate karma also means more immediate manifestation.

Now that’s exciting, isn’t it?