Endings and Beginnings

Do we continue as we have been when faced with deep challenges? The scenery outside my window is the way it always has been; and I am surrounded by my favorite things. But I no longer feel that the energy is vibrant or my heart at ease with all that was once enough. Logically, I sought to complete, incrementally, what seemed a series of steps unto my desired result, but spiritually a different set of lessons had been unfolding. And now these were almost complete at my present location. I see now that the immense pressure pushed me into discovering for myself the necessity and beauty of mediumship and space clearing, as well as the importance of familiarizing myself with Earth rules—this last speaks to the nature of giving and receiving in individual karmic accounts as opposed to looking at the situation as a “whole” and seeing who has enough according to your beliefs about what is right. As I pondered the meaning of “the Universe is totally impartial—you reap exactly as you sow,” I began to realize I really was, indeed, from another world, in the soul sense. Because, for me, it was about ensuring equality across the board; saving the ones who seemed to have too little; and challenging those who seemed to have too much, too easily. But in doing so, I forgot my karma, and theirs, in that there is always a reason someone is in a given situation: for their learning and their growth.

It wasn’t until I realized that the ones I had been helping were really not as innocent as their “plight” had made it seem, nor did they have my back in the sense of loyalty I had once expected, and enjoyed, that I began to think about doing things differently. And then, the authority figures I had sought to take down, were really helping me by pushing my buttons—forcing me to confront that which hurt, because what I wanted was on the other side: there are those of us who receive what we need before we notice its absence, and those required to grow towards its gift. I often seek to prevent change, and maintain the status quo in my life, but I see now that there was nothing more I could have done. It usually takes a sizeable push to force me out of my comfort zone, for otherwise I would fix the situation, and stay where I was.

So if you find yourself facing inevitable change, and with it choices, this could be part of the reason.



If You Knew

If you knew how something would end, would you begin? I have always enjoyed good psychological suspense movies especially the ones with prescience or precognition featured as one of the main psychic abilities. But now I realize that in reality every gift comes with a challenge. I used to laugh about the burden of knowing the future, thinking I would just do whatever I wanted, with an extra edge on the competition. But the reality of life is that with so many individual choices, any kind of level or information you have that others don’t becomes something you can’t readily share. At least until they become ready. Patience is key until it is time.

It is often the one who sees first that has to wait.

My answer has changed over the course of the last month, through the process of spiritual decluttering and dissolving cords. When there is too much stuff, new energy cannot enter; so often, when you want something new, it is necessary to first let go of something old.

This is the Law of Flow.

It is not always when you feel emotionally ready, but when it is energetically time.

Everything serves a purpose, sometimes especially things that don’t last.

The only thing you can do is to live in the moment.